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16 May 1978
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Hi, most likely if you're reading this you know more about me than I can type in these few lines. But just to recap, I'm 28, a Business IT graduate, and I exist in some weird kind of reality which is constantly finding new modes of expression. My major hobbies are music, travel and computers - most likely you met me via one, another or even all of them. I like my music relatively heavy, although good melodic stuff that happens to be soft can rock :)

Speaking of travel, in 2004, I went around the world in 80 days. I saw a lot, experienced a lot and most importantly learned a lot. Feel free to read my blog, http://aussietraveller.blogspot.com for more.

I have an interest in politics - I actually ran for office in March 2006. I've developed a strong interest in how people as a whole vote, and what I've learned paints an interesting if at times depressing picture of humanity. I've just started blogging, integrating some old posts from this journal with new ones on topical issues.

I waste a fair amount of time on a website/forum called TVAus and have just started blogging.